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Shadow Portfolio
Shadow Portfolio

15+ years in UI Design & Architecture
15+ years in Software Development
15+ years in UX and Human Centered Design Research
15+ IT and Web Technologies
8+ years various Mobile platforms, specializing in Mobile User interfaces and User Experience design.
10+ years managing and documenting technical projects and leading teams to turn abstract ideas into valuable products that advance business goals.
7+ years of project management (PMP Certified)

What I Do

Freehand Illustrations

Print & Digital Graphic Design

Branding Design & Marketing


Website Design & Development

Mobile Application Design & Development

Enterprise Application Design & Development


2d & 3d Modeling & Animation

Motion Graphics


Audio /Video Production & Editing


Mechanical Engineering Design

Industrial Engineering Design

Architectural Design 


Technical Skills & Tools of the Trade

My main focus in my career is being creative, as so I typically serve as a UX Architect / Lead UI UX Designer with development experience dating back to 1987. 


Design & Visualization: 

Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Omni Graf, InDesign, Balsamic, Experience Design, Freehand Illustration, InVision, Axure



Development /Software Engineering:

Vanilla Javascript, Reactjs, Angular 1&2, Knockout, Nodejs, JQ Widgets, Polymer, Vue js, Sencha, Extjs, Elements, Kendo UI, Win js, Jquery, JqueryUI, Foundation, HTML / HTML5, CSS, ES6, Java, .net, PHP, JSP, JSF, Primefaces, Hadoop, Typescript, AnyCharts, D3js, HighCharts, Easeljs, Createjs, Velocity js, Tableau, PowerBI, Flash, Flex, GWT /SmartGwT, Raphael, Unit js, Handlebars js, Mustache, Mocha, Jasmine, Backbone, Emberjs, Mojito, prototype js, Modernizer, Pascal / Turbo Pascal.


Audio /Visual:

ProEngineering, 3DStudioMax, Maya, Softimage, After Effects, ProTools, Vegas, Premier